Natural health, Natural Immunity.  Homemade and 100% Natural.

My name is Torri, and I am the Owner of White Mountain Natural Creations.  I am here to help you live your best and Healthiest life!  I have been on a healthier path for about 10 years now, after spending much of my life unhealthy.

Our family was always sick, in and out of the Dr office; we practically lived there!  My first child had colic for 11 months, as well as other issues.  I thought “there HAS to be a natural way to be healthy”, which started my journey down the road to natural health.  I learned about Elderberries and with my love of creating things in the kitchen, began my Organic Elderberry Syrup!  We haven’t seen a Dr in 6+ years!  Elderberry Syrup has been our saving grace, and I will only continue to provide you with only the very best, natural products in the future!!

I love to spend time outdoors, hike, go camping and more!  We use all natural products on our bodies, in our food and in our home.  We are very passionate about being intentional with our health!  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, we want to help you!  We are a small, family owned company.  When you order from White Mountain Natural Creations, you are supporting our family’s goals and dreams, so THANK YOU!