Elderberry & Elderflower Tincture – 2oz

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Our Elderberry & Elderflower Tincture is made from Organic 80 proof vodka, Organic European Elderberries and Organic Elderflower, 2:1 Ratio, making it super concentrated.  It is infused for at least 4 weeks in a dark cool place.  Can help with Cold & Flu relief, Sinus Infection Aid, Lower Blood Sugar, Natural Laxative, Healthy Skin, Ease Allergies, May Help Prevent Cancer, May Help Improve Heart Health (

Add to 8oz water or juice, or add to a cup of hot water and let cool to burn off the alcohol.

Dosage:  Adults – 1 dropper full daily.  Recommended only for adults.

Use 3x daily when sick.

Tinctures do not require refrigeration, so they are great for traveling and on the go.  Diabetics and those on a sugar free diet can use the & Elderflower Tincture, since it’s unsweetened!  Use within 2 years .

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not meant to treat, cure or prevent disease.  Consult your doctor if trying to treat a medical condition.  Discontinue use if any negative side effects are experienced.


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