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Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

Take your daily dose of our Organic Elderberry Syrup with these beautiful measuring spoons.  Heart-shaped measuring spoons are crafted from stainless-steel.

The four spoons feature "measures of love" on one side with traditional measurements on the other:

"A Pinch of Patience" = 1/4 teaspoon

"A Dash of Kindness" = 1/2" teaspoon

"A Spoonful of Laughter" = one teaspoon

"A Heap of Love" = one tablespoon

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In this sampler is a 16oz bottle of Original Blend Elderberry Syrup, 16oz bottle of No Spice Blend Elderberry Syrup and 16oz bottle of Powerhouse Blend Elderberry Syrup.  All 3 have amazing benefits of the Elderberry but are all a little different!

Original Blend Ingredients:  Water, Organic European Elderberries, Raw Honey, Organic Ginger, Organic Ceylon Cinnamon and Organic Cloves

No Spice Blend Ingredients:  Water, Organic European Elderberries, and Raw Honey

Powerhouse Blend Ingredients: Water, Raw Clover Honey, Black Elderberries*, Aronia Berries*, Rose Hips*, Ginger*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Cloves*    *Organic Ingredients

*Our Elderberry Syrup has raw honey and is not safe for children under 1 yr old.

This product is completely natural and organic.  There are no preservatives, therefore you will need to refrigerate the Elderberry Syrup as soon as possible upon delivery.  We recommend freezing what won’t be used within 4-6 weeks.  Our elderberry syrup has more of a juice consistency (think prune juice,) making it easier for kids to take!  It’s not thick like a cough syrup.

Ships within 1 week.

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Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.  Discontinue use if any negative side effects are experienced.

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