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Welcome to the world of Sourdough!  In this Sourdough Supreme Starter Kit we are including:  8″ banneton basket with liner, bench scraper, bowl scraper, danish dough whisk, lame (tool to score the sourdough loaves), wooden spoon, bamboo brush (for washing the tools) and a scale (crucial for good sourdough!!).  Plus one packet of Dehydrated Starter “Asher” and a 16oz mason jar to keep your starter in (with step by step instructions to rehydrate and feeding/care instructions).

The owner Torri lost her son Asher Greer on 3/16/23 during labor.  She never named her Sourdough Starter, until now.  All the dehydrated starter packs are named Asher so his memory can live on in many people’s homes!  Sourdough is a labor of love and will last forever if taken care of properly <3

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